Kipton Baker

Rothwell’s award winning baker

Producing handmade artisan bread using traditional methods and no additives

All my bread is made by hand in my home-based microbakery.  This gives me the time and flexibility to harness the natural process of fermentation; to achieve the best quality results in terms of freshness, flavour, texture and nutrition.  There are no unnecessary or artificial ingredients in my bread such as dough improvers or preservatives*.  Whilst I use baker’s yeast in some recipes my sourdough loaves are made with a wild yeast culture which I developed around ten years ago and have nurtured ever since.  For example, my Trinity Sourdough loaf contains just three ingredients: flour, water and a small amount of salt. 

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* According to UK Legislative requirements all white flour is fortified with Calcium Carbonate, Thiamine (Vitamin B1), Niacin (Vitamin B3), and Iron.         

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